Motor vehicle accidents can be extremely brutal. There is a misconception about motorcycle riders that they drive carelessly. It is not always true. There have been multiple motorcycle accidents, in which the rider was not at fault. Despite that, they have suffered injuries. If you or your loved one has been in a similar instance, you must reach out to a personal injury lawyer. The team at Boland Romaine LLP has successfully helped in the settlement of more than 20,000 claims. The injury sustained from a motorcycle accident can be severe. You must reach out to an experienced lawyer who will help you fight for your right.

According to statistics, one in four motor vehicle drivers is hospitalized after a traffic collision. Often the motorcycles are not seen by the other drivers on the road, which makes them highly vulnerable to accidents. As there are no doors or airbags, the accident’s impact is felt right to the body. The injuries caused by the accident can be serious and even fatal. When you or someone you love has been a victim of such an accident, you need an experienced lawyer. Here is how reaching out to the law team at Boland Romaine will make a difference.

 Unparalleled Experience

Boland Romaine specializes in personal injury law. The lawyers have experience in handling various types of motorcycle accident cases. During their years of practice, they helped over 20,000 clients to get their claims. They provide legal services in all kinds of injury matters.

Resources needed to fight the Insurance companies.

In any motor vehicle accident case, you would need the right resources to get the insurance company in your corner. The lawyers at Boland Romaine understand that. They have all the resources to ensure that the evidence is collected when a case is taken to trial. It is this evidence that will help you to get the claim.

Necessary Steps are taken to reduce the risk.

Many times, people don’t consider filing for a claim as an option after an accident. They feel that it is not worth the effort and also fear losing. To address this the lawyers came up with a way to reduce the risk when fighting for the claim. The lawyers will help you to get cost insurance. This will enable you to reduce or eliminate costs, fees and disbursements when the claim is unsuccessful. This will help you have peace of mind when going ahead to fight for the claim.

Legal Fees is paid only when the claim is successfully resolved.

The retainer offered by the firm is based on the contingency fee. This means that you aren’t required to pay any legal fee upfront during the representation. After the case has been successfully settled or a judgment has been given, a flat fee would be charged. During the process of representation, the firm is clear about the fees and expenses, so that you have all the clarity required.

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