Free Consultations: Navigating Medical Malpractice in Staten Island

Everything addressed during the initial session, whether over the phone or in person, is totally free. If staten island medical malpractice attorneys evaluate your case with medical specialists, they’ll pay for it upfront. The attorneys advance the cost of a medical expert’s services, as well as any other costs when the attorneys accept your case. You don’t have to pay those fees back if we decide not to accept your case; it’s a risk they’re willing to take. The costs would be deducted from your payout if they pursue your case and prevail.

What Takes Place Throughout the Consultation?

It’s important to talk to the victim right away. Often, someone other than a lawyer handles the intake, such as a legal assistant or a nurse paralegal. While that is a good starting point for communication, a follow-up dialogue between the client and the attorney is eventually required to make sure that no notion is overlooked or untested.

When you meet with attorneys, they will inquire about what transpired and the potential legal implications of medical malpractice. You have the opportunity to share your experience during the free consultation. Describe your initial injury or medical condition, what transpired during therapy, and the outcomes of that treatment. Please describe any discomfort you may be feeling and any reasons you believe medical misconduct may be the cause of your condition.

Bring These Things with You

  • Medical records: You can get your medical records from your doctors, which attorneys will ask to review. They ought to be aware of your medical conditions, including any diagnoses and prescriptions written by doctors.
  • Your medical documents: Note down all you can remember, such as the order of events and any prescription medications you used. Who was your doctor, and what and when did they inform you? Tell about your daily feelings as well as your feelings following a specific event. It is beneficial to have that knowledge on hand so that you may refer to it when attorneys converse with you.

What Takes Place Following My Consultation?

The attorneys will evaluate this data before determining whether or not they can defend you. They will consult with two separate medical doctors before accepting any medical malpractice cases. If neither of them agrees that your incident involved medical malpractice, they cannot move forward. You don’t have to pay anything upfront to the attorneys to review your case, whether they decide to take it or not. You will not be responsible for paying for the research if they choose not to represent you in your case.

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