Telltale Signs You Hired A Bad Car Accident Lawyer 

You should be equipped with the best legal assistance possible. A car accident case involves navigating through the claims process, gathering evidence, and recovering the deserved compensation. A bad attorney can make you lose the case without reaching the trial room. 

It is better to not hire a louisville car accident attorney at all than a bad one. There are certain telltale signs of a bad attorney that you should know about. The earlier you identify the problem, the better, as you can change your attorney before it is too late. 

Telltale signs of a bad attorney 

  • Poor communication. 

You and your attorney should act like a team. Just because you have hired them to handle your legal case and reduce your burden does not mean they should not keep you informed of the things going on or the decisions they are taking. Even if they are professional, they should seek your opinion before strategizing the next step. 

It is a bad sign if your attorney is not communicating with you. They should not take forever to ask for your texts or make a callback. They should be ready to answer your queries at reasonable hours instead of reverting 4-5 business days later. 

  • Lack of enthusiasm. 

Your attorney should be enthusiastic and excited about solving your case. They must take it seriously and strive to recover the highest possible compensation for you. When you talk to an attorney, it is usually obvious if they are not interested in your case. 

You want an attorney who cares about your case and is not simply hungry for your money. They should be able to come up with a compelling story to convince the other party as well as the judge. 

  • Not upfront and honest about billing. 

An attorney in Louisville should be clear about how they need to bill you for their services. There are different billing options attorneys offer. Some charge a flat fee for specific jobs, some charge per hour, while some charge on a contingency basis, which is the most sought-after option. No matter what billing practices they follow, there is no excuse to keep their client in the dark. 

They should be clear about their billing methods from the beginning and not slam you with unexpected legal costs. A respectable attorney will inform you about the additional charges that might arise later. 

  • Personality clashes. 

You and your attorney do not necessarily have to think alike. However, you should have the same goals and agree on the processes to reach them. It helps to determine your own personality first and then look for attorneys. 

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