How to Check the Warranty of Your Dodge Vehicle with VIN

Dodge vehicles have a muscular and rugged look. But some unlucky customers end up purchasing defective Dodge vehicles. Fortunately, the lemon law comes to the rescue of such customers.

You must find a reputable Dodge lawsuit buyback attorney if you are one such customer. But you must also perform a Dodge warranty check using VIN. Dive into this article to learn the step-by-step procedure for checking warranty with VIN.

Look for the VIN

The VIN is 17 characters long, including both letters and numbers. The VIN of your car won’t match with someone else’s. The format of VIN has been standardized for all cars since 1981. The unique number reveals something special about the vehicle. 

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During Dodge warranty check by VIN, you must check the windshield outside your vehicle. You will spot an embossed plate with the VIN between the windscreen and the steering wheel. Some other places where you can spot the VIN include the door jamb on the driver’s side, beneath the spare tire, and in front of the engine block. 

Check the Odometer

Every vehicle warranty is based on a particular time frame and the number of miles run since purchase. The VIN can be used to determine when the car was first sold. Therefore, it will begin the time clock.

The odometer will reveal the miles the car ran and begin the mileage count. Apart from keeping the VIN, you should also get a close-up picture of the odometer. You should get a snap of the current odometer reading from the day you started driving the vehicle. 

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Meet Your Local Dealer

Find the phone number, email address, and physical location of the Dodge car dealer closest to you. The dealer’s service department can perform a Dodge warranty check by VIN. Before heading to the dealership store, you should have a telephone conversation or send an email. 

Inform the dealership that you want to look up the warranty of your Dodge vehicle. You also need to let them know that you have the odometer readings and VIN ready. If the dealer closest to you refuses to help, remember that any Dodge dealer can help.

Visit the Website of the Manufacturer

The easiest way to check the warranty of your Dodge vehicle is to visit the manufacturer’s official website. You will have to enter the VIN to determine the warranty status. You can check the warranty of any vehicle from the official site of their respective manufacturer.

Wrapping up

Once you have checked the warranty by VIN, find a trustworthy Dodge lawsuit buyback lawyer. You need to ensure that the attorney possesses extensive knowledge about the lemon law to provide proper assistance. It’s prudent to settle with an attorney who specializes in lemon law cases and has successfully won such cases in the past. 

Professional attorneys can aid you, whether it’s a current Dodge complaint or a missed buyback. The sooner you find a lawyer, the better outcomes you can expect.

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