What Should I Do If My Attorney Denies Handling My Car Accident Claim?

Unfortunately, car accidents have been a leading cause of people landing in emergency rooms in the hospital. Besides, you can sustain injuries that can impact your life in the long run. Therefore, when you file a car accident claim to get the financial compensation to ease your burden, you will need a Spokane auto accident attorney to assist you. 

Soon after your accident, you may contact your attorney to inform them about the situation. Moreover, when you meet them in person, you must show all the documents and evidence you have collected. Despite all the evidence and documents, there may be a chance that your attorney will refuse to take your case. 

Common reasons why your attorney may deny taking your case. 

While the reason varies from one attorney to another, some of the common reasons why your attorney can refuse to take your case include: 

  • You have missed the statute of limitation for filing the claim. 
  • You lack sufficient proof and documents needed to take your case further. 
  • You are at fault for the accident. 
  • The attorney does not deal with car accident claims. 

If your attorney refuses to take your car accident claim, it would be better to speak to them and ask for valid reasons. Most of the attorneys explain why they refuse to take your case to get you a clear idea. 

What can you do if the attorney refuses to take your case?

After your attorney refuses to take your case, you can look for another reliable attorney who deals in car accident cases. There are various ways to find a good attorney in Spokane. The first thing you can do is ask your friends and family to suggest you a good attorney. Referrals can help you select the right attorney. 

Some essential qualities you should look for in a new attorney include: 

  • They have prior experience in handling car accidents. 
  • They are confident. 
  • The attorney helps you understand all the aspects of your case. 
  • They communicate well. 
  • They have great testimonials and case studies. 

It would help get a consultation with them in person to understand the attorney better. However, if the attorney refuses to take your case, it does not mean you can pursue a car accident claim. Legally, you are allowed to file a claim independently without an attorney. So, in case nothing works for you, you can educate yourself about car accident claims and file the claim alone. 

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