Seeking Medical Attention and Legal  Help After Sustaining Personal Injuries in Philadelphia, PA

If you have been hurt in an accident, you must seek immediate medical attention and call a skilled accident lawyer. Personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA can explain the complex legal issues at play and assist you as you navigate the legal challenges that can arise. Whether you were in a slip and fall accident, a vehicle accident, or other kinds of accident, getting medical attention must be the first step. But you must understand what occurs following your visit to a doctor or an emergency room. 

Finding an Attorney

If you have sustained an injury due to an accident caused by somebody else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. To make sure you navigate the legal process without making costly mistakes, work with an experienced personal injury attorney. During your consultation with an attorney, provide them with any documents from police reports, your doctor’s visits, and your account of the event. Often, working with a lawyer is important if your injuries are serious, the accident involved alcohol, legal liability is not established, your claim has been denied, or when your injury has caused you a financial burden. 

Your attorney will help you file a claim. Consider finding an attorney who works on a contingency fee. This way, you don’t have to pay them upfront because their fees only apply when they recover compensation for you. 

Settling Your Injury Claim or Filing a Lawsuit

Your personal injury attorney can get in touch with the negligent party’s insurance provider to negotiate a fair settlement. Of course, the insurer is expected to make counteroffers with the intent of paying the least amount of money possible. If negotiations fail after several attempts, your attorney can file a lawsuit in court for you. In this case, a judge or jury will decide if you deserve a monetary award for your injuries and losses. If they rule in your favor, you might be able to get higher compensation than what you could get through a settlement. But your chances of winning your case depend on the ability of your attorney to present your case and some evidence in court.

Seek Help When Necessary

Accidents can occur to any person at any time and place. If you are dealing with increasing medical expenses, pain and suffering, or lost income, the effects of personal injuries can lead to financial hardships. So, if you suffered an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should hold the negligent party or their insurer liable for your losses. 

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