Understanding Common Injuries During a Truck Accident

Usually, the victims of truck accidents are smaller vehicles like cars. However, due to the truck’s massive size, the collisions can be hazardous, and the victims can get severely injured. In addition, the damages after a truck accident can cost you a lot, considering your budget, and you will also need money for your treatment. 

Yet another challenge is determining who owes you money for all the injuries and damages caused after a truck accident. If you are involved in a truck accident, make sure to contact a truck accident attorney, as they will help you in getting your compensation.

However, here are some common injuries that cause during truck accidents. 

  • Head and brain injuries

Head and brain injuries are the most common injuries caused during a truck accident. These injuries have serious long-term consequences like traumatic brain injuries, concussions, blunt head trauma, etc. 

Severe brain injuries may result in brain hemorrhage, partial or complete paralysis, coma, or even death. In case of any head injury, immediately run to the hospital and if you cannot move, ask someone for help or call an ambulance.

Make sure to get a checkup done after a truck accident, even if you do not see any external injuries. Sometimes brain injuries do not appear in the skin but might occur inside. So it is best to get a CT scan done just to be safe.

  • Back and neck laceration.

Besides brain and head injuries, most people face back and neck issues after a truck accident. Some of these are sprains and strained muscles and usually recover with time. However, other severe injuries can damage your vertebral column or spinal cord that might require urgent surgery.

The vertebral column is a flexible bone chain that protects the spinal cord. It prevents any shock from reaching the spinal cord. Nevertheless, if the collision has too much force, it can jerk the vertebral column, damaging the vertebra that might picnic the nerves between them and cause pain and discomfort.  

  • Fractures or broken bones

collisionsFractures and broken bones are very frequent in truck accidents. Due to the collision force and the truck’s size and weight, a smaller vehicle like a car can easily procure immense damage, and so can the passengers. 

Although our bones are pretty strong, they have their limits. If a force is applied that is more than the strength of our bones, they might crack or break. This can result in fractured bones.

In case of fractured bones, make sure you go and get it checked by a doctor and get the necessary treatment. Your doctor might recommend total rest or even surgery, depending on the severity of your fracture. 

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