Need a criminal lawyer in New Westminster? Ask these questions

If you are facing criminal charges in New Westminster, you have no time to waste and must hire an experienced criminal lawyer without delay. The right lawyer is someone who is responsive and will take your case on priority. When you call the lawyer’s office, you expect them to schedule a meeting immediately, but if you don’t get a response within a day, start looking for other options. Top lawyers like Nicholas Preovolos have years of experience defending a wide range of criminal charges, and you can expect them to work extensively to get the best possible outcome. If you are meeting a criminal lawyer for the first time, ask the questions listed below.

“How long have you been practicing criminal law in New Westminster?”

Experience makes all the difference when defending a client facing criminal allegations. Besides the fact that you need a local law firm that’s based in New Westminster, you should also check whether the lawyers focus on criminal law and have been practicing for a few years. A good lawyer wouldn’t mind talking about their work profile or top cases. Discussing the professional credentials of your legal team is never a bad idea.

“Have you handled similar criminal cases?”

The approach for a shoplifting case would be vastly different from an assault charge. Always choose a firm that has experience handling a good number of cases and can tackle your situation. You may also want to discuss the success rate of the attorney and the outcomes of the lawsuits with similar circumstances. The track record of a criminal lawyer is just as relevant.

“How often do you go to trial?”

The majority of criminal cases in New Westminster don’t need to go to trial. However, your charges are unique in so many ways, and there is always a possibility of a court battle with the prosecutors. Ensure that you choose an attorney who can represent you at the trial and has the profile to match their words.

“How strong is my case?”

No lawyer can promise you a specific result, but it is essential to understand the ground situation and legal defenses you can consider for the case. Ensure you ask the lawyer about their overview of the charges and how they expect things to move. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses will help make an informed decision.

Get an attorney in New Westminster now for more details about your arrest.

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