What Happens If I Get In A Car Accident With A Stolen Vehicle?

A car accident with a stolen vehicle may seem like a rare occurrence to you, but it is actually common in the United States. When you get into a car crash and acquire damages due to another party’s fault, the owner of the other car usually pays for your damages. If you are involved in an accident with a stolen vehicle, you may be confused about your rights. 

Injury claims with stolen cars can be particularly more complicated. That is why it is important to retain a skilled attorney from Johnston Law Firm, P.C. to make sure you can recover the damages you deserve. 

Who pays for my damages in an accident with a stolen vehicle?

When you get hit by a vehicle operated by not its owner but someone who has stolen it, you will likely have to rely on your UIM or uninsured motorist coverage to pay for your damages. In case you do not carry UIM coverage, you might have to pay the entire cost of your medical treatment, auto repair, etc., out of your pocket. 

You may be thinking that the thief who stole the car should pay for your damages, and you are certainly right. However, it is very unlikely that a thief would have the money or assets to pay for your damages. After all, if the person had enough money with themselves, they would not steal a car in the first place. 

It will probably be a hopeless attempt if you are thinking of filing a claim with the thief’s insurance company. Insurance policies usually do not cover their policyholder’s damages when they engage in illegal activity at the time of the damage. Therefore, this can make the compensation recovering process very challenging. 

Premises liability lawsuit 

If the stolen car was stolen from a parking lot, the property owner could be held liable for the damages the thief has caused. In general, property owners are required to provide adequate security to prevent theft. If they fail to do so and it results in damages, the owner can be held liable. 

Another case is when a valet of a restaurant or another property does not take proper care of the car keys and theft occurs, the valet company or the property owner could be held liable for the damages. 

While both of these cases are rare and challenging arguments, it is best to try all your options when filing a claim. 

If you have been wounded in an accident, you may be scared about your damages and in physical pain. On top of that, the worry of recovering compensation can be overwhelming. This is where attorneys come. Hire an attorney today to look into your case and lessen your burden. 

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